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"Zhonggong.com" sprinkles youth sweat in iron and fire

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? Worker's Daily - China Industrial Network reporter Xu Xinxing, correspondent Wu Xin, Zhang Yuwen, Yang Yahui, Wang Yukun, Xie Jianhua

Xinxing Cast Pipe Co., Ltd. of Xinxing Jihua Group was founded in 1971 by the 2672 project headquarters of the Chinese people's Liberation Army. Over the past 50 years, generation after generation of new cast pipe workers have begun the process of growing from small to large, from weak to strong, from silent in the mountains to landing on the global stage with their youth and blood.

Today, the company has become a global leader in ductile iron pipes and a standard setter in the field of cast iron pipes. Its production bases are located in Wuan, Hebei, Wuhu in Anhui, Huangshi in Hubei, Yangjiang in Guangdong and other major regions in China and countries along the belt and road. Its sales network covers more than 110 countries.

Based on the "fourteenth five year plan", we will pursue a new journey of dreams. Nowadays, more and more young cast pipe workers hold the baton of strengthening the world's pipe industry leaders and metallurgical industry leaders, and shed their youth sweat in the quenching of iron and fire.

"Putting innovation in details"

The picture is Wang zuoheng. Perfect the data on the drawing

As a young backbone of Huangshi Xinxing Casting Pipe Co., Ltd., Wang zuoheng is now playing a great role in the relocation of new area of Intelligent Green Industrial Park, a key project in the 14th five year plan of Huangshi Xinxing. In this work, he should closely focus on intelligent manufacturing and the lowest operating cost, and conduct research and production on the process route planning, selection, investment and infrastructure construction of the relocated equipment.

When he met Wang zuoheng, he and his colleagues were studying the technical transformation of No.5 water-cooling centrifugal unit. The centrifuge is the main equipment for the production of ductile iron pipes. The molten iron rotates and cools in the centrifuge at high speed to form the cast pipe. In the past, when No.5 centrifuge produced 0.8 m and 1 m diameter ductile iron pipes, it was necessary to replace different pullers to pull out the cast pipes. Could a set of pullers be used to pull out the cast pipes of different specifications? Wang zuoheng led the workers to demonstrate and design, and finally used the principle of umbrella framework to transform the head and turn the idea into reality. "One set of pullers can pull all types of tubes. The second is our tugboat system, which used to be very inefficient. Now we have changed it to hydraulic drive, and the overall efficiency has increased by 100%. The output per hour of unit 5 is 20% higher than before. "

Casting pipe production has high requirements for precision. If the precision is not high, the cast pipe will be uneven. How to improve the product quality under the existing conditions? After field investigation, Wang zuoheng put the breakthrough point on four green bases under the centrifuge. In the production of casting pipe, four tugs on the base drive the casting pipe to rotate and shape. The distance between the tugs determines the precision of the casting pipe. The four movable tugboats need to be adjusted manually, and the accuracy is between 2 and 3 mm. Wang zuoheng developed a new way to transform four movable tugs into two pairs of steel structure parts, which not only reduced the time of manual adjustment, but also improved the accuracy to 0.02-0.03 mm. Such a seemingly insignificant move can increase the production capacity of a single centrifuge by 15%, and increase the annual output value by 3 million yuan.

In recent years, Wang zuoheng has applied for 18 new patents and 4 invention patents. He also led a group of professional and technical personnel to set up "Wang zuoheng Innovation Studio". In recent three years, Wang zuoheng has led 66 technical innovations, with an average annual profit of more than 20 million yuan.

Wang zuoheng said, "if the technology is backward, the quality of products and the comprehensive benefits of the enterprise will decline. While the "14th five year plan" ushers in great development opportunities, there is hope for innovation. Only through innovation can we achieve high-quality development by strengthening the R & D and technological transformation of key core technologies

"We must speak with data"

The picture shows Wei ruiruirui checking the material layer thickness and sinter color on the spot of sintering machine

Wei ruiruirui, assistant director of ironmaking Department of Wuhu Xinxing cast pipe company, is often seen in the large flue full of soot or in the box filled with activated carbon for desulfurization and denitrification. He was affectionately called "Dr. Wei".

"Other doctors are sitting in front of their desks and computers doing scientific research, but he goes where he is dirty. It's really not like a doctor." Said the worker.

Wei ruiruirui is 30 years old. After graduating from his doctor's degree in 2019, Wei ruiruirui entered Wuhu to study and train successively in the departments of sintering, blast furnace, steel-making technology and steel rolling technology. In 2020, he assumed the post of assistant director of the Ministry of ironmaking, focusing on process improvement, cost reduction and efficiency increase.

"I like to do technology." Wei ruiruirui said frankly that the reason why he came to Wuhu Xinxing after his doctoral degree is that the company leaders have a strong willingness to increase investment in technology, and they can play their strengths after coming here.

The internal return is the sinter which does not meet the requirements of blast furnace size after being filtered by vibrating screen. These sinters will be returned to the batching process for reuse. In the past, the internal return volume of single sintering machine was 145-165 T / h, and the proportion of internal return in proportioning was always high. After understanding this situation, Wei ruiruirui immediately began to record the daily internal return data and observe the changes of various parameters. "We must speak with data. Data will not deceive people." He emphasized that. After a period of observation and analysis, he offered a "three board axe" to reduce the internal return: first, strictly implement the thick layer sintering system to increase the thickness of the material layer from 710 mm to 760 mm; second, adjust the ignition temperature to raise the ignition temperature from 900 ℃ to 1100 ℃ and plus or minus 50 ℃; the third is to strictly control the flatness of sinter bed and require the material surface The fluctuation shall not exceed the distance between two trolleys. Through the above methods, the internal return of sintering is significantly reduced. From August 2020 to November 2020, the internal return is reduced by more than one third. According to the processing cost of 100 yuan per ton, a single machine can save tens of millions of costs for the company every year.

"At present, I am planning to build a" sintering cup "laboratory, which has been supported by the company and departments. When the time comes, the laboratory will guide the scientific production of ingredients and further realize the construction of data and information technology." Wei ruiruirui said, "with this laboratory, it is no longer necessary to use the sintering machine in production to test the proportioning, and completely bid farewell to the batching mode of crossing the river by feeling the stones."

"Detailed cost account"

The picture shows Yu Hang's view of the activity of the tuyere

On the blast furnace hearth of Guangdong Xinxing casting pipe company, Yu Hang, assistant director of ironmaking Department of the post-90s generation, is sampling the tuyere status of each blast furnace, thinking about optimizing the production structure and calculating the material balance.

"At present, the inventory of this kind of ore powder is insufficient, and the current proportioning can not meet the next ship. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the proportioning amount, and also consider the sinter composition limit, sintering performance and production cost, so as to ensure that the quality of sintered ore can meet the requirements of molten iron composition of cast pipe and blast furnace conditions." Yu Hang and the person in charge of ironmaking duty room said.

Reducing the proportion of mineral powder is a matter that affects the whole body. "To prevent and reduce the impact of raw material structure on sinter quality, it is necessary to at least have an understanding of the physical and chemical properties of commonly used raw materials and reduce the impact of sintering material change on subsequent processes in the same period," Yu said

During the outbreak of new crown pneumonia this year, the logistics in the north and the South were basically cut off, and the inventory of heat preservation agent used in blast furnace was in urgent need. In order to stabilize the production demand of casting pipe of the company, Yu Hang lived in the company for almost three months. After careful observation on the spot, he found that there was waste in the use of heat preservation agent. Each package of heat preservation agent spread on the surface of molten iron formed a "hill shape", which not only had poor heat preservation effect, but also had high consumption. After thinking about it, he made a paddle board, which smoothed out the "shape of a hill" after the heat preservation agent was scattered. While ensuring the insulation effect, the amount of heat preservation agent used in each pot of molten iron changed from six to three.

In the company's iron making raw material and fuel consumption cost tackling project, as the first person in charge of the iron making cost reduction and efficiency increasing and potential tapping research team, he worked step by step from scheme pre research, support measures, personnel coordination, system deployment and commissioning, and the company's ironmaking indicators were completed one by one, alkalinity stability rate, alkalinity stability rate, and The hit rate of nodular cast iron increased by 10% and 5% respectively

In just a few years after joining the company, Yuhang has become the real "cost manager" of ironmaking. Yu Hang said that next, he will take solving production technical problems, improving product quality and reducing labor intensity of workers as the working goal, carry out benchmarking learning, gradually optimize and improve the control measures of key indicators, constantly innovate technology and technology, and contribute to the development of the enterprise.

"Environmental protection and safety in production are the top priority"

The picture shows the iron sample taken during tapping of blast furnace, and Li Zhigang is inspecting the iron sample composition visually

It was late, and the workers of No.1 blast furnace in Wu'an of Xinxing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. had just finished their shift. A young man with black frame glasses and blue safety helmet boarded the hearth, looked at the taphole first, and then rushed to the main control room of the blast furnace. A foreman couldn't help saying, "what do you think our Li Bu Tu is? If you don't sit in a warm and clean office, you'd like to drill on the spot. "

Li Bu is Li Zhigang, the "post-85" has just assumed the post-85 Minister of ironmaking. Environmental protection and safety in production are the major things he put in mind. Workers often see him walking through the production line, and they all say that he regards the ironmaking department as his second home.

In recent years, the level of environmental protection has become the main lifeline of iron and steel enterprises. In order to practice the concept of green development and ensure the company's production capacity to the maximum extent, Li Zhigang actively overcame the influence of the large area of ironmaking department and many health dead spots. While strictly ensuring that the organized and unorganized emissions of the ironmaking Department reach the standard, they have repeatedly carried out environmental protection voluntary labor with Party members and League members on weekends, effectively improving the level of on-site environmental management, and making outstanding contributions to the company's sprint to environmental performance A-level enterprises.

When he first arrived at the ironmaking department, Li Zhigang led his staff to gnaw down the hard bones of the abnormal fluctuation of furnace conditions and the continuous downturn of various production indicators. "If the furnace condition is not smooth, the workload of employees will be greater and harder, and the overall benefits of the company and the income of employees will also be affected. Therefore, the smooth operation of blast furnace must be restored as soon as possible." He climbed the top of the furnace and worked until 2 a.m. every day just to find a solution as soon as possible.

"There is an old saying in the ironmaking industry that" ironmaking does not pay attention to materials, it is sheer nonsense. ". Through the efforts of Li Zhigang and others, the low-temperature reduction pulverization index of sinter has been significantly improved, the return ore rate has been reduced by about 5%, but the furnace condition has only slightly improved. Instead of being discouraged, Li Zhigang shifted his focus to optimizing various operating systems.

After basically eliminating the influence of raw materials, Li Zhigang optimized and adjusted a series of operation systems, such as thermal system, slag making system, etc. of blast furnace production. At present, the No.1 blast furnace has been running smoothly from the disorder for more than two months after maintenance, and the daily average output has reached more than 4000 tons.

Looking forward to the "14th five year plan", Li Zhigang said that he would adhere to the innovation guidance, always pay attention to the advanced smelting process, increase the digital application, strengthen the intelligent control of the whole process, and improve the labor efficiency of the staff; strictly abide by the "environmental protection minefield", build an environment-friendly green ecological enterprise; continue to promote lean management, benchmarking industry first-class, dare to make achievements.

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