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China News Agency: Xinxing Jihua Group Co., Ltd. seeks common welfare with Indonesian people

Author: Shi Li, published on October 23, 2020 second


In recent years, Xinxing Jihua Group Co., Ltd "Xinxing Jihua Group") earnestly studied and implemented Xi Jinping's Thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, and fully responded to the "belt and road" initiative. In June 2015, its core enterprise Xinxing Cast Pipe Co., Ltd. and halida group of Indonesia jointly established Pt megah Surya pertiwi company (hereinafter referred to as "MSP company") to start the construction of ferronickel project and promote the economic construction of Indonesia, an important partner of China's "21st century Maritime Silk Road".

uphold Based on the value concept of "mutual benefit and win-win, CO creation and sharing" and the working spirit of "respect, mutual trust, communication, cooperation and enterprising", Xinxing Jihua Group has made great efforts to promote the simultaneous development of economy, culture and quality of life of the project location, and has earnestly fulfilled the social responsibility of the central enterprise on the "belt and road".

Solving employment Enhance the happiness of local employees

The nickel iron project started by MSP is located in kawasi village, Obi Island, North Maluku Province, Indonesia. The geographical location of OBI island is remote, and its economy and culture are backward. The aboriginal democracy must rely on fishing for a living There is no more source of income. After MSP entered the mining area, the construction of the mining area can meet the needs of 4000 people and effectively solve the employment problem of local residents. At present, the company has employed more than 2000 Indonesian employees, more than 95% of whom come from the island or nearby areas. The company also provides Free food, free accommodation, regular leave, social insurance and other benefits, and a special prayer room was built in the factory.

(New Indonesian employees come to Wuhu Xinxing company of Xinxing Jihua Group for training)

in addition MSP company first conducts daily language training and professional technical training for the recruited employees on the island, and then selects and organizes workers in batches to go to the domestic group enterprises for training. This is a very rare opportunity for employees who rarely leave Indonesia's Maluku province or even have never been out of OBI island. It can not only learn business skills in depth, but also further improve Chinese level and understand Chinese culture. This practice has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of new employees to study and work.

"During the training in China, a lot of what I learned will be used in my future work. I'm finally confident that I can repay my mother with my actions. " A young Indonesian employee spoke with emotion.

Improve living facilities ? Improve the quality of life of residents

Kawasi village has no tap water, common electricity, bank and hospital, and the living standard of residents is generally poor. In the case of kawasi, the wealthiest families have only a small TV and a computer. Because there is no mobile network, a few families with mobile phones only use non smart phones.

At the beginning of the project construction, M SP The company actively improved the living facilities of local residents: the new hospital was opened to local residents to solve the problem of no hospital on Obi island; the power plant provided free power to local residents, which brought great convenience to the residents' life; the fresh water station was built to solve the problems of local lack of fresh water and high water cost, and provided purified drinking water for local residents free of charge. besides, M SP The company has also actively benefited the local community, assisted in the construction of churches, schools, banks and other infrastructure, and covered the communication network built by the company to the village These practices enable the company to win the full trust and support of the local people.

(construction of fresh water station and free supply of purified drinking water for local residents)

Take drinking water for example. Because the village is located by the sea, it has been very inconvenient for local residents to drink drinking water and agricultural irrigation for many years. In order to drink fresh water, villagers have to climb over rugged mountain roads to get water from rivers two kilometers away. After MSP settled in Obi Island, it took the drinking water problem as a top priority, busy with the tense construction and laying drinking water pipes for local residents. After half a year's efforts, the purified river water was introduced to every household in the village, providing tap water for villagers.

Focus on children's growth ? Enthusiasm for local education

As in all remote places, the slow economic development of OBI Island leads to the relatively backward development of education level.

In order to improve the education level of local residents, help local children have a better learning environment and enjoy better education resources, MSP employees actively contact with local educational institutions and carry out a number of cooperation with them.

The project is located in the south of North Maluku province "Halmahera 271" primary school, with more than 230 students, has only three classrooms. Therefore, MSP company specially built two spacious and bright classrooms for the school, which improved the children's classroom environment. The new classroom has been completed and put into use on July 31, 2018.

In order to improve the reading interest of local middle school students and enrich their learning contents, MSP has built a new library for the middle school near kawasi village. After the library was built, it was warmly welcomed by local students. Middle school students can be seen everywhere in the library. Due to the completion of the library, the school's educational qualification has been improved, reaching the level of Indonesian B-level education.

stay After learning about the general weakness of teachers in local schools, MSP company specially selected several employees with bachelor degree or above to train local teachers. Then they were invited to discuss and study the curriculum system, improve teaching methods and improve teaching ability with local teachers. MSP has also helped schools develop teacher performance evaluation methods and funded special education grants for outstanding educators selected each month. This practice effectively mobilizes the teachers' initiative to learn business and constantly improve the teaching level.

In addition, MSP Still in school develop Yes A series of interactive teaching activities, such as wall drawing, magazine competition and computer prediction, can make students find the fun of mathematics learning. The speech contest organized and carried out has set up a stage for students to show themselves and stimulate their enthusiasm for literacy and reading. At the same time, the company also set up a variety of incentives, giving gifts to outstanding students, increasing the motivation of children to study hard.

Vegetation restoration ? Protecting local ecosystems

The area where the project is located belongs to the mining area, and the soil is mainly laterite nickel ore or volcanic rock, which is not conducive to the survival of plants, and the local vegetation coverage rate has decreased year by year.

In order to maintain the local ecosystem and lead the local people to achieve sustainable development. M SP On the one hand, the company carries out project construction and production, and on the other hand, it carries out vegetation restoration and greening work. However, due to the lack of nutrients in the local soil and poor water accumulation, it is very difficult to restore vegetation. After continuous access to information, and to consult the local people, the company's logistics personnel finally found a relatively good soil area. First of all, good soil is removed from there as the base soil for greening or vegetation restoration. After being maintained with organic fertilizer, the soil is sown, and finally covered with local palm net to slow down the soil water loss after irrigation.

(organize staff to carry out greening activities)

"Every living tree, every flower and every grass is hard won. We should protect them." Even if it is not a maintenance period, M SP As long as the company's greening staff through the scene, will check the growth of green plants, and carefully for these green plants pest removal, pruning branches and leaves. "We've given a lot of money to protect these plants. They're really like our children."

Hou Hualing, a Chinese employee, and Jingqiu, an Indonesian employee, got married in 2018

The arrival of Chinese enterprises has really changed the location of the project The economic situation and living conditions of residents in Obi Island, Indonesia. At present, the per capita monthly income of kawasi village residents has increased from 500 yuan to 2000 yuan. As the villagers' lives became richer, more and more people moved here to live or do business. The number of villagers increased from less than 300 at that time to more than 1200. At the same time, since the construction of the project, a total of various taxes and fees have been handed over to the Indonesian government seven $10 million.



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